Conforce 1 specializes in the repair, modification, refurbishment and sales of containers. Our staff has the knowledge and expertise to handle all your modification needs.
Please click here for examples of modified containers.

Conforce 1 provides complete handling and storage of marine shipping containers for its client base of International Shipping Lines and Container Leasing companies. The Mississauga depot, considered one of the largest of its kind, has a capacity of over 5,000 shipping containers. Its state-of-the-art fully integrated software allows Customers on-line access 24/7, to create booking, view container inventory and status, TIR reports, and to print a number of standard or customized reports.

We sell used ocean containers of all sizes to meet your shipping / storage needs. See below measurement chart.


You may view your current inventory, check releases and generate reports via our online inventory system.

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  • Hours of Operations: Mon-Fri 10AM to 5PM; open weekends upon request
  • Container sale / container lease
  • Lifting services for empty containers
  • Short and long term storage of empty containers
  • EDI capabilities
  • On-site and mobile repair services for reefer and dry containers
  • On-site container cleaning services
  • 460v plugs for pri-tripping of reefer containers
  • On-site fueling of gensets
  • Container modification to customer’s specification
  • Shipping containers available for sale. Conforce 1 sells used ocean containers. We provide containers of all sizes to meet your shipping/storage needs.


Conforce 1 provides complete transportation services for the movement of containers to/from all major rail and leasing depot facilities.
Our parent company Seaport Intermodal, can custom tailor transportation services to meet your requirements. Click HERE for more info.

Please find below approximate measurements of our standard containers:

Equipment Interior Dimensions Door Opening Tare Weight Cubic Capacity Payload
20t Dry Freight (8'/6") L: 5.898m W: 2.352m H: 2.393m W: 2.340m H: 2.280 2.200kg 4.850lbs 33.2cbm 1.170cu. ft. 28.280kg 62.347lbs
40t Dry Freight (8'/6") L: 12.032m W: 2.352m H: 2.393m W: 2.340m H: 2.280 3.700kg 8.157lbs 67.7cbm 2.390cu. ft. 28.800kg 63.493lbs
40t High Cube Dry (9'/6") L: 12.032m W: 2.352m H: 2.698m W: 2.340m H: 2.585 3.900kg 8.598lbs 76.4cbm 2.700cu. ft. 28.600kg 63.052lbs
45t High Cube Dry (9'/6") L: 13.556m W: 2.352m H: 2.698m W: 2.340m H: 2.585 4.900kg 10.803lbs 85.0cbm 3.040cu. ft. 27.600kg 60.848lbs